Newbie here.. :) Query about commodities..!!

I am a newbie to this forum. Have heard a lot about it. Now, I am checking it out for myself.
I currently technically trade in stocks. I want to diversify into commodities. I have a few questions on this. Could you please help to clear my doubts ?
Stock FnO are priced according to the stock prices. Stock prices are basically records of actual price of the stocks (recorded as open, close, high , low, volume and traded amount). Technical Analysis involves processing these values into indicators which help in taking a long/short position.

My questions:
1). Are Commodity FnO priced according to Spot prices ?
2) Do Spot Prices have open, close, high, low, volume and amount ? ( For generating indicators)
3) End-of-Day stock price is present in bhavcopy files of NSE,etc. Where can I get the bhavcopy of stop prices for commodities ?

Feel free to ask if there are any clarifications desired.
Thanks for reading,

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