New to this place and some suggestions

Hi There,

I was looking for such a forum on Indian Stocks and Commodities and I think you have a great idea here. This forum can really blossom out to be a mega community with people helping others because popular share information site really dont seem to concentrate on the "people to people" contact part and on building of user communities.

Thumbs up from me for bringing this idea to reality (If I had some spare time I would have definately done it too), I just have some suggestions to make this forum a better place.

1) Please remove the large number of forums: Having numerous forums when you are just starting out not only create confusion but also result in less posts. You have to sort through the clutter to goto relevant posts. I would recommend not having more than 8 forums on broad categories and later on expanding them into different categories as and when this forum grows. This is one secret to successfull forums, they start out with small number of forums and as and when the volume increases you create forums addressing other categories.

2) Please increase the width of the page to 100% by using the Extended vBulletin Theme. Fixed widths are a pain to browse on and also dont work well with Cell Phone browsers like my Opera on P900

Thats all I have for now, Hopefully you will implement the first and most important suggestion and we can start working out to make this an excellent place to share ideas.


Varun Shoor
I am already aware of the archive feature of vBulletin, but still I would like posts to span entire browser width, feels restricted in the fixed width theme.

I really hope to see the forums to be organized into not more than 8, It really will increase the number of posts considering the amount of members you already have. As and when a forum gets busy you can just go and create one as a seperate category to distribute the posts.

Thanks for such a great place. Hope to be a regular in this community.


Varun Shoor

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