New to markets ...Need guidance

Hello seniors , I am a new to this forum and am very much interested to learn trading. I have very less theoretical knowledge and no practical knowledge of trading.

These are my queries. I hope that seniors here will guide me.

1. I've seen some threads here on traderji related to trading with are quite useful , but my confusion is which one to follow.( There are various threads with various strategies which confuses me )

2. As a beginner please provide me some links which cover detailed discussions on "intraday trading basics" . and then trading strategies on how to pick stocks tec.

3. I've opened an account with a broking firm and will start with rs.5000 initially.
My concern is how to develop strategies to select stocks , in short how should i trade ??

thanking in advance to members willing to help.


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1)Do not do intraday..

2) Even if you, do it.. do not take positions by taking "MARGIN" with your broker..

3) If u have 1 lakh of cash.. use 50000 for your trading.. purchase stocks worth 50000 only for your intraday trades...and keep 50000 as reserve.. do not touch.. it..

4) One can not pinpoint what strategy to follow.. it all depends on your mentality..and your style of trading..
dont enter in to the market immediately
1. eod top gainers and top loosers
2. 52 weeks high stocks
3. Volume gianers
4. Index movement
5. Percentage advance
6. business news - ETNOw, CNBC, bloomering etc. keep watching if u dont understand also try to learn new things.
7. Read books - purchase online technical analysis, stock picking and related books.

do Paper trade for 1 month and then enter in to the market with diversified portfolio
say 10% of ur money in to one stock(risk management)
Thanks seniors for your replies. I've started delivery based trading and i am following the discussions on this site to learn technical analysis and apply the strategies on day trading.


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