New Pension Scheme:: Suggestions needed

HI All,

I know this wont be the coorect thread for NPS, but i didnt find any other related thread for retirement or savings.

All i wanted to know is what our experienced members think about NPS.
Talking about Tier I account here.

I find it to be too restrictive.
1) Exit age is 60 years - I want to retire early.
2) At exit, forces 40% into annuity plans from insurance company.
3) Maximum possible equity exposure is 50% only.
4) High charges - if investing less than 3K per month.
5) No real tax benefits (EET now).

1) Low charges - if investing more than 3K per month.
2) Possible future tax benefits (only if it becomes EEE after DTC)

To me, the cons outweigh the pros. I'm staying away from it and sticking to regular investments in mutual funds (with proper asset allocation) over the long term.

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