New pc needed

Dear Mata Ji , thanks for enlightening me,

Approx current price

i3 - Haswell 4th Gen ----------------------------------- 7100 Rs
i3 - 4130 / 3.4 GHz
3M Cache, 3.4 GHz

Gigabyte - Haswell H81M - S1 ---------------------3550 Rs.

DDR3 -1600-4GB -----------------------------------------2750 Rs *2 nos = 5500Rs

(speed 1333 also there )

HDD WD 1TB -------------------------------------------3550 Rs

(there is also some variants in WD - GREEN/BLACK/RED )

UPS 600VA APPROX ----------------------------------- 2000 TO 2500 Rs

People tend to go with the herd mentality If I buy 1 TB hdd my neighbour will also buy that! WHY I NEED TO BUY 1 TB when there is 250 GB, how many people thought like that. we never question ourselves because why waste time in thinking.


So, SSD - 120 GB IS Enough unless we like to Store more videos, audios etc.

SSD 120 GB costs 5000 to 6000 RS we will be spending just 2500 Rs more.

I don't own BMW yet - don't know the price :) .

My intention of posting block letter about HDD VS SSD is to inform people there is one more choice is there that's SSD (Advanced).

Now we moved one Step Further - SSD IS AFFORDABLE FOR A BUDJET PC .

Thank u JAI MATA JI . :thumb:


Dear, moolan,

Here we are discussing about low budget computer around 20K.
If some one is asking for a low budget car around 5 Lakh. You can't discuss with him about Mercedes/Audi/BMW. :rofl:

SSD is very costly, even a 256 GB SSD cost around 8,000-12,000. We need another backup normal HDD as data recovery is not possible when SSD Crashes. I am also using SSD since 1 year, it not so new technology (for using such bigger fonts to attracting our attention about Faster SSD :) ).

We must answer according to the topic. :thumb:


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As mentioned earlier I am not technically knowledgeable person for electronics.

My system is now ready but due to unavailability in my area I have got a cheap cabinet called umax for 1000 rs which already has 1 smps installed....... with the intention of getting a corsair cx 430 or seasonic eco 400........

Rest of my specs are

Processor - i3 4th generation

Motherboard - gigabyte h81m - s1

Ram - Kingston 4gb +4gb

Hard disk - wd 1tb

UPS - microtech heritage gold 625

Now on Flipkart I read this review and I am confused that whether my desired smps will be compatible with ups?

" These PSUs have Active PFC are of good quality, no doubt, but there is an annoying problem which arises because of the UPS used. I learnt about this after two years of experience.

(what follows may be a bit too technical)
I had a Cooler Master Real power Pro 460W Power supply (bought in 2009 Dec) with Active PFC, and the UPS used was a Numeric 600VA normal UPS which supplies a MODIFIED SINE WAVE (stepped sine) during power outage. Most cheap UPSs give a Stepped sine wave. This may cause the power supply to SHUT-OFF immediately as soon as the mains power goes off, or some annoying humming sound is present. Some users say this may even damage the PSU. You will read this in many website forums (like tomshardware) I experienced this for 2 years and recently my PSU just failed with sparks coming every time you switch it on.

I don't know whether this was a sudden damage due to a power surge (I had no spike guard) or a gradual damage due to the stepped sine wave from the UPS. Has anyone experienced this? Kindly discuss. I am reluctant to buy another PSU with Active PFC, because I am not sure what damaged my PSU.

Some users in tech forums say: the solution is "One must have one of the more expensive UPS models with pure sinewave output." How true is this?"

And how important is the cabinet in a system? I mean it's just a box right? Main thing must be smps...... Right?

I should stress that I couldn't buy most things online due to warranty issues in my area , so the dealer I bought my system from will take care of warranty for me......... Only thing I am buying online is the smps

how much wattage this system consumes any idea guys ? i need to by power backup inverter for my trading :)


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160AH will give around 3-4 hours of backup.Even more depending upto power use by application at home
Whichever brand you buy just make sure inverter and battery are from same brand.For eg if going for Luminous battery then go Luminous inverter only...
Make sure inverter is sinewave and has ups build into it.

Soon i will be going for following model from Luminous
Luminous ECOWATT 900 VA sinewave ups
Luminous 160AH Tubular Battery (Tall size battery)


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But that's not my query bro

What's the wattage for my pc configuration, maybe in future I will have 3 pc running at same time, so I need to be future proof


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1. gigabyte ga-e2100n - rs 4500 approx (processor in built - consumes only 9 watts)
2. ddr3 4 gb or 8 gb - variable price
3. 120 gb sandisk ssd - rs 5000
4. iball baby 315 cabinet with 200watt power supply - rs 2000

the above configuration with 2 (extended) lcd monitors will consume less than 100 watts all together. so with a 1000 watt inverter then u can run it for more than 10 hours continuously, more better if you have a 250 watt solar panel integrated into the system.
also this system is fanless although in the cabinet you have fan which you dont need to connect, so works silently. all the stuff is available online for purchase


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If PSU is 200 watt then wattage consumption is not atleast 200 watt?
that is the maximum capacity of psu meaning you can draw only max of 200w. but if you draw much lesser than that then the psu will work efficiently and run cool, so example if you draw 80 watts then total consumption will be 80 watts plus 5 watts keep alive for the psu = so totl 85 watts only is drawn from psu although psu have capacity to go 200watts max

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