New Day - New Trading To Get Rich Strategy

Hello All

This strategy of mine is a mixture of two very successful swing strategies ... one is call Flow & other is called SSPS.

This strategy blends the concept of flow strategy of allowing the markets to decide the turning point and it allows uses a key technique used in SSPS to identify pivots.

Basically, many know about Flow strategy ... its a 60min TF strategy that allows us to capture large moves. All I have done is used a new rule of marking a SAR only when we make a new high or low.

For example we are long..and our SAR is X ... we move the SAR up only after a new high is formed & vice versa

I am attaching the chart of DLF future (July trades). Hope that helps.

Another rule is 10am high low. Many a times market esp stocks zooms or dooms at opening hour .. so we use 10am High or low (if no clear pivot is formed) to identify trades.

Questions welcome :thumb:


Now if DLF (July) moves above 205.4 or DLF (Aug) moves above 204.8 ... which are their recent highs... then the SAR moves up to 202 in DLF July and 201.2 in DLF Aug.

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