New bie looking for DEMAT brokers

hi :) I'm Althaf Hussain NRI, IT profesisonal from Qatar. I'm a novice in Stock Trading/Forex. I am an ICICI NRI account holder.

What else do i need to proceed with DEMAT. What is DEMAT account?. Is it necesary for me to open one. Being NRI how do i :confused: carryout transactions. What is trustable broker? How much is the commision involved on transactions. How secure is online DEMAT. What is the minimum number of amount to be involved on shares?

Please i need complete support and assistance, surely i agree to pay for the services offered by the share broker/agent. What is secondary share brokers, are they trustable.

Please reply me and help me to getting started with DEMAT/FOREX. You can send me mails at [email protected] or call me at 009745437550.

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