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Get SnapQuote.exe {32bit}{Version 1}:
Get LTP from SnapQuote according to your given list.

Point to remember:
Max symbol limit is 4.
Only Nse Equity Symbol & make sure you put correct Symbol Name.
You can terminate program anytime by clicking keyboard END button.
You will get proper error message if something missing.
If get error message {Fail to Capture LTP}, simply place the 2 files in some other place and try.

Don’t delete SymbolName.txt file.
No specific path; just keep two file together.

Version 2:
You can Buy/Sell multiple symbols via single click.
Or you can slice your order according to your requirement.
Full version includes NFO; will wait until testing phases over.

Found bug or not please don’t forget to inform whether it’s working or not.


I am not a professional coder.
So try at your own risk. I am not responsible for any sort of damage or loss.

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What is this meant to do? What am I supposed to looking for and where?


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You did not understand my query.

When you upload or share an executable you need to write a lot more about how it is to be set up. how to use ; what to expect and what not to expect..... Without this, 99% will assume that executable has some kind of malware and almost all antivirus will flag it as "unheard-of" file.


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Did I mention anywhere it needs to be installed? :confusedd:
If someone thinks it contain virus then he/she can simply skip it or scan it for virus. ; LoL; it’s as simple as that.


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How to check SnapQuote from Amibroker. (Same technique for Buy/Sell from Amibroker)

Create a Folder under D directory “D:\\SnapQuote\\”
Put “Get SnapQuote.exe” under that Folder { D:\\SnapQuote\\}
Now copy paste the afl & run it from Amibroker.
When you click "CHECK LTP" from Amibroker it will pull up SnapQuote of that Symbol.
** Just make sure Amibroker & NestTrader Symbol Name match.
_SECTION_BEGIN("SnapQuote Check");
trigger = ParamTrigger("SnapQuote", "CHECK LTP");

if( trigger )
fmkdir( "D:\\SnapQuote\\" );
fh = fopen( "D:\\SnapQuote\\" + "SymbolName.txt", "w" );

if ( fh )
    fputs( Name(), fh );
    fclose( fh );

ShellExecute("D:\\SnapQuote\\Get SnapQuote.exe","","D:\\SnapQuote\\");
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;LOL; look like no one tries it.
or those who try bit Shy / Lazy to put review.

Anyway using autoit you can automate your strategy easily.
Like buy / sell multiple shares via single click.
Or implementing any option strategy

Or buy / sell from chart
from Chart.gif
I cannot code trailing stop-loss as no knowledge about data plugin / rtd.

@Moderator closes this thread;
Looking at :blackalien: like response, I lose interest.
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@Moderator closes this thread;
Looking at :blackalien: like response, I lose interest.
The urge for instant gratification has, unwittingly, been the undoing of many a trader!!!

Will analyze it ........ would probably have to learn a bit of AutoIt to make sense of it (so give it some time :))) ..... and review!!!

But, for starters, you can do better - by linking the (publicly available) 'Chandelier Stop' to your logic for use as an S/L!!!


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instant gratification o_O:eek: (good assumption :up:) but NO I am talking about normal communication.

it not about trailing stoploss type.
using Amibroker bit of idea how to implement trailing stoploss but NO idea how to implement it without using any TA Software.