Needed Metastock Data

ive just got my hands on Metastock but no data :( . i would be highly obliged if someone could give me EOD data for the stocks listed on NSE & BSE and i could update it from there onwards.

go to and download smartdownloader.
it provides free NSE,BSE data for metastock.FREE
you have to go through yahoo finance symbols of co.s.
I use HQuote ( for free EOD data via yahoo... It sowrks fine for now.. It has a 14 day trial period.. hopefully i will a work around to that pretty soon...

Anybody who can suggest a better means of FREE EOD .. will be greately appreciated.



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Can you please confirm the correct yahoo group for me ? I searched the Yahoo groups and could not find this group. Can you please send me the URL where it is available ?

Thanks in advance

Sekhar S
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