Need your view

Friday I bought 2 no NF 6000 Put at 94 and 1 NF 6100 Put at 147. I bought them on anticipation that IIP number may come bad which really happened. Also I bought 1 stock put of BOB stk price 560 @ 19 which ended around 15 at the end of the day.

I am bearish on this market and feel it may come down to 5800- 5700.:annoyed:

Your views are welcome.
Hi friends ,

i find some stock market related software like investplus,m profit and many more but finally i think that the investplus is cover our all the financial calculation which is not cover in any another software.

i think we are investors and why should we not use such kind of the technical device ,it also help to manage oour fiancial data and also manage our securities.

i am not advicing anybody but i aware about this things form my friends support.
Yes TRK... let's see how nifty moves... my personal feeling is quarterly result will drag down Nifty since I could not find any reason for any feel good factor on macroeconomic level.... Only hope is IT sector because of currency factor but again that will be reflected in the next quarter result.

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