Need this Afl Settings


I need afl in which 1st candle of 30 min and rest of 60 min

did anybody to do this?
can I add Database timing in afl and by changing it should I get the above settings!!:)
Go to File Menu >> Database Settings... >> Intraday Settings >>

Trading Hours (Local Time) >>

Start Time => Change to 8:45 and
End Time => Change to 15:30 and

First Candle will be 9:15 to 9:45 i.e 30 minutes, rest all will be 1 hour, last will be 15 Minutes i.e. 3:15 to 3:30 PM

Same solution is for your question on the other thread

Set the start time to 8:30 now you will get hourly candles closing on xx.30


:) Happy

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