Need Strategies to Save Brokerage & Earn More

Currently having a trading account with a full-service broker. I have calculated the last year brokerage, I paid off a lot to my broker. And now I want to save my brokerage fees.


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Do you mean you need help finding a decent discount broker? or you mean you want a strategy to take less trades and make more money??
Either ways please consider using the search facility as there is a lot of discussion on the forum which can help aspects of your query.
If its something you cannot find here. I'm sure someone will be more than willing to help.


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I have experience with IIFL, RKG, Zerodha... currently with Finvasia... these guys are good... no charges... except govt tax... I trade in option and I can say that I trade for somewhat free... support services are also very good and prompt... they have good UI for records... I am with them for one and half years and quite satisfied

By the way I use NSE NOW platform

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