Need some suggestions and guidance

Intraday trading is a good trading strategy but since you are a beginner, I won’t recommend it to you. Spend some time in the market making use of long term trading strategies and obtaining experience to be able to handle the requirements of intraday trading.
If you’re stuck between choosing between stocks, I suggest you give some more time towards research and find which company suits the image or plan you have in your mind. Check the financial health and growth and be careful and alert.
Beginners might find intraday trading as a good option to make money but as you won’t get time to analyse the market before executing trades, you better choose some other strategy that will help you gain experience.
It’s not always what you think it is. It is mainly about how you can make the most of what it actually is. The market is so unpredictable that for a beginner, intraday trading would be a tough choice. Start with medium term strategies that give you enough time to analyse the market.
Day trading will surely get you more profits if you can do it properly. But the exact opposite is also possible if you don’t know what you are doing. No need to rush in your trading career and make trades only when you are comfortable. Use some other strategy that will give you enough time to analyse the market and make your trading decisions accordingly.
It’s not always what you see. Just because other traders are making a good income with intraday trading doesn’t mean that you will make the same fortune. First, know the basics and then, decide your moves.
Don’t waste your time and money on something that you don’t understand. Intraday trading works best if you already have some experience. So, wait a while before you take the plunge.

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