Need some info on Yahoo data

I had been getting EOD data from mypaisa yahoo group and NSE site. Now I want to get some software like Databulls which claims that it can get intraday snapshot data from yahoo.Thats because the internet facality is not so good in my town to take live quotes so this seems to be 2nd best option to me.

My question is in this forum I have read at many places that there r many errors in yahoo data. Is it very frequent for yahoo giving errors?

Secondly, is there anyother way I could get intraday data after trading hours like from NSE site:confused: ?

please help me asap. Thanks in advance.

I feel PIB Indiabulls is the best source to get intraday Data even after mkt hrs.Neither yahoo nor NSE provides ID data . ONe way can be getting live ID data of NSE thru Quote TRacker, but data isnt reliable.
Hope this helps

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