Need Some Advice On Building Initial Portfolio


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Hi everyone

Well i just have entered the exiting world of sharemarket after purchasing Satyam Shares 10 for 109.7 rs

I am planning of building a initial portfolio of 10000rs consisting of 10 different shares either BSE or NSE

My holding period is upto 1 year :)

I am having DP+trading account in geojit and hey have minimum order of 1000 for each scrip.
So i can only have 10 different one for my investment

If the share price comes down,then i will hold it for still longer duration as long as i can recover my initial investment. So i am not in a hurry nor do i want to make quick cash.

I just need a alternative money growing mechanism which is better than bank deposits :)

So any suggestions for holding period of 1 year with which i can gain an estimated 20%+ / year :)( Thats just my estimation. If the share doesn't reach a gud value i will hold it for still longer duration )

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the reply.. will go through each one of them and judge whether i can invest :)
Any more suggestions from other member please :)

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