Need Simple stock-specific Price alert AFL with msg and sound

I get my trendline values for next day from an excel sheet.

ie. Trendline data copied from metastock to Excel using Macro Express 2000 (its a breeze, single hotkey press). This needs to be done only once when you initially set the alert, for subsequent days, it calculates the trendline value for the next day.

So i have a list of stocks with their trendline values for the next day.

What i need is a simple AFL that alerts me with popup, msg and sound for specific stocks and their corresponding values.

Tried looking extensively but its only complicated AFLs with indicators and buy/sell signals across stock that i found. closest i think i got was this link :

with this AFL :


Buy = Cross(C, $$$) AND Name()=="XYZ";

AlertIf( Buy, "", "Simple text alert", 4 );

But :
My guess is, it doesnt have a custom sound alert.
How do these AFLs run ? in an endless loop so it could alert when a condition is met ? or once every minute ?

Guidence would be much appreciated.


[Should anyone want the excel sheet, i shall provide, not posting now only because it requires two things, in the absence of which it would prolly not interest too many ppl :
1. Macro Express 2000 - To copy trendline data to excel with one hotkey.
2. A list of trading dates in a text file (formatted as yyyymmdd.csv, arranged vertically in a list) - generated simply by a 'dir' command where your EOD data is stored.]

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