Need help with Spacejock.

This is how FCharts explains how to download data from Yahoo.It is possible for Indian markets as well.
But personally, I am not very successful in downloading the data using this method. If anybody is successful after trying this method, it will be very informative for others in the forum.

May be Traderji or other senior members of the forum will be able to help


6) Import from Yahoo. This can be fun to set up, but once it's working it's pretty straightforward. First you need to be aware that each country has its own suffix in the Yahoo system (except for US stocks, where you just use the ticker as-is) Therefore you need to modify the defauly Yahoo prices URL to get prices for your country: Go to the settings screen. As an example, let's use the ASX stock market. You would put .AX after each of the two @@@ codes in the Yahoo url. Now, save and close the settings screen.

Enter a ticker code on the main chart window, something you know exists in your stock exchange. We'll use TLS. Click Show, and it'll complain that it doesn't know that ticker. Click OK (or yes) to add it.

Now right-click the main chart window (the larger of the three). Choose the 'Data' submenu, then 'Download and backfill 12 months data from Yahoo'

That'll fill the current stock. Then you can enter another ticker and repeat the process.

Now, you're not going to want to do that for hundreds or even thousands of stocks. So, instead of backfilling one by one, you can use the special 'Downloader' underneath the Yahoo URL on the settings screen. First you have to have a list of ticker codes for all the stocks in your chosen market, and there's a zip file containing a selection of tickers on the Spacejock web page (See the DATA FAQ page)

Some example Yahoo suffixes:
Australian ASX = .AX
Italian Milan exchange = .MI
(To find your country code just do a Lookup on a known stock title.)

Now you know HOW to import, it's time to find out WHAT you can import. Before you can import anything into the program, the data must be in the correct format. In other words, the data coming from the files must be in a certain order so that the program can put the High, Low, Close, etc into the right fields in the database. E.g. if you try and import a file which just has

the program doesn't know the date, whether that's a closing price, what ticker it's for and so on.

The most common EOD format is known as Metastock Ascii. This is a comma-delimited file with one line per ticker laid out as follows. (It may also have a header row):

Note that each line consists of the ticker and the date, followed by the open, high, low and close for the day. The last value is the volume. The date can be in any format BUT the program will use the international settings on your computer to decide whether a date is DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY. If you are in the US and are trying to import a DD/MM/YYYY file you will need to edit the date field before you can do so. Same if you're in Australia or Europe, and wish to import a file with US dates. In the example above (YYYYMMDD) there is no confusion, and this is the preferred date format.
The program will work with 2-digit years, by calculating whether to add a 20 or a 19 in front. (If the year is less than 50, it assumes it's a 2000 date)

So where do you get these Metastock Ascii files? Links come and go, so the best bet would be to check the Spacejock web site... just click on the Links button, then choose the 'Data Importing Links'.

Another common data format is the 'Tickerless' data from Yahoo ( It looks like this:

Now, in order to import THAT file it has to contain the ticker code in the filename. For example, you would have to call it MSFT.CSV if you wanted that data imported as MSFT.

Further to that, if you download Index data (eg ^DJI) then it doesn't have the volume field:

FCharts will now import that correctly, setting the volume to 0.
Most Indian Stocks end with .BO for BSE Quotes and .NS for NSE Quotes

You can get the URL and SYMBOLS of Indian stocks by going to and typing in the company name.


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Is there anyway one can use free historical on line data with quotetracker for a trial. Then, one can conemplate a purchase when one feels comfortable with it. I don't think Viratech gives a trial.

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