Need help to trade better and to trade RIGHT

I see this situation like you don't have any trading strategy and you don't use money and risk management in your trading. Losing 4% a day is really big, so you need to secure your deals really in order not to allow such situations to happen in the future. I fell that you don't have any decent and precise trading strategy. It looks like that you trade on your perceptions and feelings rather than calculations and common sense. Try to trade with bigger timeframes in order to have more time on the market analysis.


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1.never do positional because it involves huge stop-loss. intraday BANKNIFTY call/put options
3.for this you have to keep 5 min charts ready for atm options weekly.
4. You buy once swing high ( of red candle) of last 4~5 candles breakout. & exit with small profits.
5. If the swing high is near supertrend levels you should wait for supertrend 7/3 buy signal.
6.if trade go in loss, buy another lot with swing low (low of the last 4~5 candles) as stop-loss.
7.keep on doing & practice. You will be successful

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If you want to make 40% p.a on intraday trading, try to break down the goal to smaller pieces and approach. In your scenario assume you trade 200 days, you would need a net 0.4% for 100 days of net winnings. First achieve 0.4% Net a day & then try to bring in consistency in your approach so that at the end of the year you have 100 winning days in total with an average win of 0.4% per day.
It is achievable if you can understand what I am saying.
You should NEVER risk more than 2% of your account on ANY trade be it a day trader or a swing trader.

I am a day trader and mostly trade the nyse and I absolutely love it.. I have been profitable for about 2 years out of my 3 year trading journey.. last year was extremely profitable.

The changes that I made to my routine were simple
1. I developed a written down consistent plan.
2. I defined my risk before any trades taken.
3. I learned techniques to hedge my long term portfolio and contribute to it weekly.
4. I picked 3 tickers I liked and traded them exclusively.

Trading is not easy but it certainly can be profitable!
It is risky for traders at all levels to trade without a trading plan that can show them the way in which they should move ahead in the financial market. Especially for beginners, who will think that every market movement is a money-making opportunity.
Trading without a strategy or a plan would be the worst decision you will ever make. Not every market situation is worth taking a risk with. Better analyse the market and build a trading strategy in accordance with that.
Only invest in those markets which are known and where we actually know what we are doing and if we don't know about them better to stay away and learn first because we may make more money after learning about the relevant niche.
As a trader, you have to define your own boundaries. You may think that the market is easily understandable and you will be able to win over other traders easily. It is important for you to understand the seriousness of the matter and not take risks that you are not prepared for. It’s okay to stay away from trading for some time.
To trade better, you will have to think logically. If you keep setting unrealistic goals, you may have a hard time in the live market. While you learn to become an intraday trader, also learn how intraday traders manage risk. You have chosen a risky strategy for yourself and if you want to make the most of it, you better be prepared for all it may get with it.
Manage your money and risk at the same time by creating a system that minimises loss. To trade right, you need to scan the market efficiently and know which opportunity goes well with your plan and get you closer to your goal. Take time off and do some research.

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