Need Help-Simple Crossover EMA9-MA18 with a twist

Hi All,

Hope you can help me.

Need a simple crossover scanner of EMA9-MA18 on a 4H time frame.

BUT here is the twist... It needs to scan stocks and give the signal that are about to cross, so I can monitor the volume (to confirm) before it crosses

Thanks guys!

PS willing to pay...PM me please if interested

Code u reqd. what i understood
before day or two cross alert / exploration for volume / volume comparison with previous day volume etc.

is it?



Yes, I need AFL scanner/exploration code for this.

A day or two before it crosses is OK. But if you can also code using 4H time frame is BETTER :)
Volume comparison with previous days is also good to add
Additional 50MA and 100MA data is also OK


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