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I would suggest Dlink 2750u, single antenna.
stay clear from BSNL modems(rental basis) because they dont give you new ones but old used ones, which can be a liability for you in the long run.
The new modems that BSNL gives are of cheap build quality and usually will start showing problems within one year (Brand:Teracom)
I am using Huawei since 7 yrs, My Sis using Teracom since 3 yrs. No issues. Both are supplied by BSNL.......

My Frnd wld always decry BSNL modems, has replaced Modems 3 tims in last 4 years. :D:D
Log a complaint with BSNL about the issue. If they find no issues in the line, and tell u that it's a modem problem, then ask them for a test modem for checking if it's really a modem problem. They may loan a test modem to u for a few days.
Here are some steps to verify if its the modem problem yourself.

0-Check for noise in the receiver
If you are getting noise in the receiver or immediate sounds while talking then its either a line or splitter problem. Connect the telephone directly to the main line, bypassing the splitter. if the problem continues, either your SNR is low or the parametres are low (get the BSNL BB technician to check your L5 and L6 levels. if L5 is below 400 you are bound to have problems. for L6 its below 200. Normal levels are 1016 and 1016).You may also want to check the roset box and line cable for carbon in this part.
If not,
1- Bypass the Splitter
Connect the modem directly to the line
2-Shift from PPPOE to Bridge mode.
If your modem connects to the internet automatically, then you need to change it to connect manually
3-Connect using a LAN cable.
Avoid using wireless data transmission.
4- Diagnose
While the modem is connected, ping -t and log for 5 mins. if there are no packet drops then the line is working as intended. If there are then refer to point 0

ping -t (the modems ip unless you have changed it). If there are no packet drops then the modem is transmitting the data well. if there is, the modem or lan card is faulty. (check accordingly with another pc or laptop)
5-Use another modem.
If everything else fails, you need to check with another modem. Ask the BB technician to test with his modem for 5 minutes. if no problem is shown through his modem, you need to change yours.

NOTE-: A modems life expectancy is maximum 2 years. it should be changed after that.
Change your splitter and phone cables every six months.
I am using Huawei since 7 yrs, My Sis using Teracom since 3 yrs. No issues. Both are supplied by BSNL.......

My Frnd wld always decry BSNL modems, has replaced Modems 3 tims in last 4 years. :D:D
The Teracom builds they were supplying previously (The White Colored one's) are of phenomenally good quality. The new ones (Black and White) are of poor quality. People who have ZTE modems will also say they have got a product of great shelf life.

And the life is modem will also vary depending on the way it is used. The modem your sister uses may be used for causal surfing while the same modem will be used for heavy gaming and downloading by a teen, thus reducing its life
recently changed to D-Link DSL2750U - Wireless N300 ADSL2+,

had two 5-7 years old ones from BSNL, both working fine, the problem was had to use a separate router (Netgear)
and at times needed to remove wires / clean & rewire (not often, but still a pain)

The above D-Link model is modem cum router with dual band wireless (Wi-Fi), should be good for couple of years i.e. cost of ownership less than Rs 2 per day :D

For BSNL users just get hold of the good old friendly neighborhood lines-man.
Get the cable changed from the box below/near your building/apartment block to next to your trading terminal. (it will be most value for money Rs you spend :))
If you need to use multiple instruments (land-line) run the cabling after the split.
Also avoid using cordless on the same line (at least during trading hours).

:) Happy
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There is something pocket WIFI being talked about.Received an SMA from Tata.Anybody heard about this or making use of this?
same like wifi modem --- with small size --- takes power from battery --- so portable -

IF we make our smartphone as hotspot we can't browse

Usually if we want to share internet connection from our smartphone. we have to make it as hotspot -- so that we can share our connection with another device. but we can't browse internet with the device which turned to hot spot at that moment.

pocket wifi

#works stand alone (no need for laptop/pc---since powered with battery--works as mobility hotspot)

#simultaneous connection to smartphones and laptops.


# limited to five devices.
#internet connection will be shared (easy way of depleting GB's :) )
#Speed also divided with no. of devices.


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