Need Help About Modem


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Apart from suggestions by Narayan I have the following for you:

1. Check your modem by first switching off and then switch on - if the LAN and ADSL lights blink rate is very very slow that means the modem is or has degraded and possibly must be replaced. Your internet provider can confirm this.

2. Usually in rainy season the telephone cable that is connected to the cables of your phone (and is somewhere outside your house is exposed to rain or moisture) usually oxidise or if the two lines are very close by might short due to wetness. You have to check this. Suggest you to cut the edges and wind again. This can also happen at the exchange box nearby your home in such case talk to the telephone lineman.

(Note: if the 2 lines of telephone, that are connected together, are very close to each other and are exposed then it is better to tape them else chances are they might frequently short because of moisture and the modem might damage)

Hope this helps.

Yes.....they call it ki "tar ke connection pe carbon jam gaya hai". Results in frequent resetting of internet connection poor response like delayed opening of pages etc.
Happened with me too, called lineman when it became very bad, with even noise in the phone. He cut that segment and connected newly scalped segment of wire, everything was fine than.

Also if using splitter, try bypassing it and connecting directly to the modem (the telephone line).


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GF, Majaak karne ki bhi hadd hoti hai yaar....
:) net-gear is a good choice before buying any modem pls consider with bsnl guyz they may have some list mine is Teracom provided by bsnl till now some splitter pbmz else everything ok....:)


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Hi TJ Members.
I am going to get new BSNL Broadband Internet Connection. Bsnl providing Modem for Internet but as you know quality of the product they provide. So thinking to buy it seperately, Infact BSNL also providing such optin for customers.
First of all, I am very Highly Tallented in such things :D :lol: :confused:
so just checked online shopping sites. But after seeing those got Super Confusion :annoyed: :( :mad: :confused:
Wired or Wireless; With Router or Without Routr; 100,150,or 300Mbps; Single Antena or Double ??????

My sole purpose is Trading and related work, not much downloading or any other things :D ;) My pocket is permitting me 2000 bucks only.
I know many Tech Savys are here so requesting the help for best Option.........

Get a 3G connection.... DC will be once in 3 hours and it will be connected back in 30 sec. (my experience)

Trade well.....


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my bsnl modem(4-5 years old) is also giving problems, but its not dead. before buying new one I want to ensure modem is faulty, otherwise new modem will also give problem if problem is at bsnl's to do this :confused:
Log a complaint with BSNL about the issue. If they find no issues in the line, and tell u that it's a modem problem, then ask them for a test modem for checking if it's really a modem problem. They may loan a test modem to u for a few days.
I would suggest Dlink 2750u, single antenna.
stay clear from BSNL modems(rental basis) because they dont give you new ones but old used ones, which can be a liability for you in the long run.
The new modems that BSNL gives are of cheap build quality and usually will start showing problems within one year (Brand:Teracom)

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