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hi bro:
burmar urad price will deeply down.Because burmar goverment will take 13% taxes on the way Pls: advice me about Chana Ncdex for July.
Pawan Kumar(from Burmar.)
Hi Mahesh,
Today burmar urad F.A.Q.price is 620000 pre tonne & 720000 for SQ per tonne but the SQ price is for 1 month,its mean for end of july.
Brother i can't use yahoo message frm burmar we can chat on G-talk.
my gmail add is [email protected] the way what do you think about chana price is the price will rise up or not.I have lots of M/T chana at NCDEX.
what should i do.i lots Rs:100 per quintle.
P.S.urad price will down in burmar.But now urad is depend on india weather.
Please tell me about india weather and in burmar chana is gameover.thank you v.much for ur information.:)
Today most of people sell urad in market.
OK!i'll tell u more information when i get.
pls tell me more information about india market.
what do u want to know?
keep in touch!!!
Pawan Kumar
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