ncdx ji

Well not tracking guar 100% at moment.. fully concentrated on black gold URAD now. having first target of 3000, next 3300 and 3500..
ya in guar rajasthani traders r saying diwali tak 2000 kar denge.. lets c..
hope u guys r making profits..
happy trading..
rohit876 said:
hey ncdxji,
pls can you suggest me some site from where i can the commodity charts for free...or if that is not possible pls can u suggest some software which will be helpful in this regard.
thx a ton
go to free charts service.. i hope this s gonna solve ur problem.. but the advise is dont follow charts in commodity trading at least in agri commodities they may not always gave u 100% idea..therefor apply some simple demand supply logic bfor trading..ok..


Will be posting charts whenever possible for Guar, Urad , Channa , Daily charts for NOV contract . I hope this helps u guys , but as NCDX says chart analysis is not to be depended upon 100 % for agri commodities but can be used as a refrence.

I get charts for MCX only .

PS ( NCDX keep up the good work )



any idea whether guar nov. going to cross 1800...have been hearing that from various brokers.

looking forward to your response.

amitbaser said:
hello , guar is up ..... y ? u know the reason . plz give me reply
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