name 3 moving averages you use for price confluence / bounces


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hi all

i have been out of touch from our market & beginning to use sharekhan tradetiger again to trade.

i have been consistent in trading forex though & i trade price bounces from 10, 35 & 50 ma's on a M 15.

i tried to put 2-3 ma's on few timeframes but unable to remember which set of ma's i use to use for a smooth price action around them ?

i am unable to contact SG as his pm is full, he was the best thing happened to TJ & only reason i use to come on this website !

so, what is your preferred timeframe & ma's if you are an intraday trader ? i know about 20/50 sma on daily but i am looking to trade a shorter timeframe maybe not more than 15 - 30 mins, moreover tradetiger has many timeframe options & i could see some smooth price action on 5D-15, which is a five day chart on m 15. confused about same ! so,

1. which 3 ma's to see some smooth price bounces off them ?
2. which timeframe to suit intraday action ?

thanks for reading lengthy post , hehe :)


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