my watchlist

Ekc:—— 10.40 now LTP, 4% increase this company also appoints 2 women director, by news of this stock up, this company air-breathing cylinder so in covid-19 condition product need in very high quantity .so we will have chance to make a good intraday return.

Ugar sugar:——this industry has the order to make sanitizer so this company which make ethanol, now they make sanitizer and they have today good gain by stock with increasing volume if this stock breakout at level 11.35 then it will give good intraday gain

Pc jeweller:--- relief in export duty by rbi

Bajaj hindustan: -- this also a sugar comapny
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yesterday I posted my watchlist on this site, my EKC ticker up 4.18% up to .50 pesa .
ugar sugar is at there own position not much movement is seen
pc jeweller move up to 9.50% approx
bajaj Hindustan move up to 3.92%,

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