My views and Requests to all traders

I am browsing traderji and learning trading since November 2019.

What I noticed traderji has some very quality educational posts made possible by very keen and enthusiastic trader's experiences. Traderji is just like a social network for Indian traders.


Browsing it I learnt various concepts very practically.
I noticed some pros and cons that making this traderji cluttered and thats why various useful posts made cannot be found .


Some very useful quality posts cannot be found..
Browsing traderji involves so time because no coherence.
Not everything is available in traderji that's why beginners face problems as well as practical ppl can't revise and make some more innovative approaches

Ideas to Improve:

Every topic that starts with some educational content should start with "[tut]"
in topic head field. It will make quality stuffs more accessible.

Requests to Practical traders who are considered gurus :

Dear sirs, we beginners request you all to make educational tutorial posts on topics less discussed.
Like ...trend lines, patters, Fibonacci , gann and many more .

Sorry if any one of you hate my this very posts..but what I popped in my mind I shared .

Thank you all for your great efforts.

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It all depends on the question and the problem. Sometimes traders ask specific questions that relate to a specific indicator or strategy, or even a specific order. And sometimes we discuss some general topics here. And this is normal. This is a forum and traders have gathered here to communicate and solve their problems.

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