My Trading weekly performance

im now going to post the Rules for successful Trading -Day Trading -MAke it simple your way -For Index options only
Here are the 6 Steps
1: Mindset - Yes i would make this as the first rule as its the key for any successful trading,
! : How do u exercise it and make it more powerfull ? Simple do meditation daily morning also give physical exercise to your body it will improve your mind and brain.
2: RISK Management /Money management
! how do we make it ?
Simple Follow RR Ratio if your are options buyer follow it 80K per lot , seller same 80K per lot. although 45-50k per lot is not encouraged you can still do it if ur running short of it...provided you have atleast 60% win ratio with 1:2 atleast RR
RR ratio should be Min 1:2 for any trade initially follow it strictly next Trail your SL
3: PLan your Trade
! how to plan a Trade before even know where will market open?
simple Market the Range (plot important Levels in Higher Time frame)
Note them all planning of levels is done now focus on weather market is planning to go up or sideways or down , just take a note yes now u are all prepared done ! READY
4: Execute your Trade
! how do u execute ?
Simple look for the direction first check weather if its as per your analysis , Check options ,find the Trend , Now for execution u need trendlines with indicators support , This should match your plan your trade levels then only execute your levels, RR should already be taken into note Min 1:2 Ratio either for options buying or selling. , you can use any indicators or no indicators for it actually it doesnt need stil you can have one. choice is urs
5: Booking your Points and staying idle rest time
! what is this a Step???
Yes certainly this is , Done book too early nor too late book at RR ratio Keep Trailing your SL and here go once booked you need to wait for next setup pattern to form at your Step 3 until then your not doing anything ,you made good enough Staying idle having patience is also very important,
6: Final view evaluate ,Record all actions .
! why should i record it?
Having a journal makes you a better trader, you should record every step you do Pre to Post Market it will help you to learn things better, and execute things in a proper way a Mantra is simple Failed trader makes more mistakes and Successful trader makes less. Never Repeat your mistakes Always Repeat your Success.
i dont know how many of you all like this , to be open this is the key all i developed and it took 6yrs to make this and have this without any mentor or anyone . According to me rest all is crap most of the traders fall for prey for heavy profits...