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Hi friends, I am a trader who had lost heavily in the equity markets and now have entered into commodities. I would like to get valuable suggestions from the seniors. I have studied it in depth and papertraded also because i do not want to make the same mistakes of arrogance, greed, foolhardiness, and poor money management that i had made in equities, but invaluable guidance will always be welcome from our more experienced traders.

on the November 26 20012 shorted zinc at 109.3, brought at same price, loss brokerage.

November 27, 2012, shorted Menthaoil at 1348.2, brought at 1344.9
Also shorted Natural gas 214.5, brought at 212.5

November 28, 2012 shorted copper @ 439, still holding.
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Forgot to update yesterday, fell asleep

Copper shorted at 439, brought at 437 2 lots

nat gas one lot sold at 216, brought at 215

aluminium short one lot at 111.20, brought at 110.90

nickel 3 lots @ 925, now nickel at high 933

Hope it comes down or else my profit will be dented :(
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would be useful if you explain the reasoning behind your buy/short actions for the various commodities (unless you are just scalping looking at the movement chart)
I am not an expert, just compared the historical price movements of the metals and shorting from their highs using meta trader 4 software to know the trend. not foolproof. am at a loss in the nickel trade. :)

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