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Today's trades:

MNF 1lot
1)b 5040 s 5020 (sl hit)
2)b 5025 s 5020 (tsl hit)

3)s 5005 b 4978.70 (tsl hit)
4)s 4975 b 4972 (tsl hit)

all trades tried as per quadra system
Can you post your charts with entries and exits marked ??


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charts for my 3rd and 4th trade.
3rd one was +55 pts at one time but tsl got back some 25 points of it.
how many pts are enough in mnf for intraday for profit booking? or guess i have to increase lot size so i can partially book profits which i cant do right now as trading only one lot.
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I have sort of taken a break from Quandra for the time being i.e. I read it, but not trying very hard to understand it, only what I can adsorb. I guess when it settles down and the rules are well defined then maybe I will. Too many strategies to follow. Presently I am working intraday only with 1) Bollngerworm on 2 min, 2) EMA strip in BB on 5 min and 3) 8-21-55 on 1 min. I also look at 1) 3-13-26 + ADX + CCI on 5 min as mentioned by a member here and 2) Quandra on 5 min, but not following it. I am mainly trading by Bollingerworm on 2 min.

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