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One would have wasted more than this by trading against the trend all this while. So why buy puts when the trend is positive. The time to buy puts would also come but it is always better to profit by staying with the trend. Remember pullbacks are not reversals. Sure reversal would come in due time and we would be ready to deal with it then. Calling tops and bottoms is the surest way to failure in the longterm. It may give you a high to Play God but lets face it he seems to be doing a better job.
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As per this method the current SL for positional is 19970 and the position is still bullish till this level is taken out. So technically no positional shorts above this. One could have captured a similar or even a bigger move when BN fell from 20300 levels to 17650 levels from Nov. to dec. by buying puts and adding.
Dear Varunji
For positional trading which time frame do you prefer? hourly, daily, or weekly?And for positional also you trade with options by following respective underlying future chart?
Can you pl. upload chart of the above?
Hmp ji in my above example i have only taken the 1min. charts into account. The stop loss is very easy to derive. It is the lowest level of price between the last 2 consecutive breakout in OBV. So it is a stressfree method to plan for ones retirement. Just Park your earned money in a swing in an FD and leave a legacy for your children. Because you only need less than Rs.10000 to start a trade and there is no point in blocking more money with the broker. This is an armchair type of investing where in this example you would have just taken 8 trades in a month. So an average of 1 trade every 2 or 3 days. Stressfree trading.
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