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Just posting a few charts to emphasise the power of adds and staying with the trend as per the OBV breakout method. Will be posting 2 charts. The Green fixed line on the price chart is the price at which one would have initiated the trade on 27/12. The dotted green lines are the points one would have added to ones position. (There is one initial trade followed by 7 subsequent adds). So a total of 8 trades in just a little over a month (about 25 trading days). The rates appear on the right side. The red Dotted lines are the trailing SL's based on the same method. Can you imagine that one could have made about 11400 points in just a month trading this. All one had to do was add to ones position by way of futures or Calls whenever OBV gave a breakout. The corresponding rates in price are 17740(Initial). 18060/18290/18370/18980/19300/19880/20130 (7Adds). The initial stop was 17617, which after the 1st add had become 17815 and after the 2nd add it was always a zero risk trade.
One could have also played this move via the options route, by rolling over your positions in each of the 4 or 5 expiries. Not necessarily in the same option strike, but one where the premium paid over the ruling price were the lowest. Sure it could have resulted in slippages but one would have been in profits from the 1st expiry itself and all the subsequent adds would have paid for themselves (they would have come from the profits of the 1st expiry). Initial capital employed would have been less that Rs.6000 (Calculation base on an assumption of Rs.150 for the 1st Option). You would have not got 12000 points this way but even if it was 10000 points, it would have been Rs.4 lac profits with an initial investment (Not risk) of Rs.6000. Think about it. Out of the box thinking can do wonders.

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