My options trading for this month

Though I am trading in equities for past few years and profitable, I am new to option trading and doesnt have much knowledge about strategies.

But still I decided to trade from tomorrow in options. It looks for me like a math.

Here are the calls I am planning in my first options trade:

I choose a low volatility stock - Adani power
lot - 8000

Buy 45CE at 2.45 - Rs.19600
Sell 40CE at 7 - Rs.56000

Spot price - 45.6

ADX is trading below +di and -di line, cci -62, rsi 47 and the trend looks bearish for me.

Max. Loss expected - Rs. 3600 + transaction charges
Max. Profit expected - 36000

Seniors and members, please give opinion about the trade
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