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Big loss today. In the morning with few minutes of three positions, it showd me 700 Rs profit but due to greed and overconfidence kept the positions for longer time.

1) Had to exit HDFC cut to cut as I became impatient.
2) REC trade was big mistake, jumped in in first 15m candle. should have waited to confirm the trend. But then many opportunities are wasted in first 15m candle if we wait. any solution?
3) Indus was also a drag, should have cut the position early.

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I am not qualified enough to suggest you, but still I will suggest regarding 2nd question.
2) jumping to trade as soon as market opens is the way I got many losing trades. It works very less times. Believe me and check prices, except in very few instances,price generally comes back to a good level( either buy or sell) , wait instead of taking trades on impulse. No opportunity will be wasted.

As usual entered in a hasty trade in Indusind Bank. Ideally I should wait for 15 to 30 mins. Assess the market situation. Find the support Resistance levels. and then take a trade. When I am going to learn? god knows.

But Nifty CE 11700 saved my day.

I bought back the options, Hoping markets will bounce back tomorrow. On daily chart mkt has formed flag pattern, I with my limited knowledge it seems tomorrow mkt will bounce back.


Please comment and provide your valued views. I would like to be corrected.

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