My IntradayView and short term possibilities

Hi Traderji and all respected others,
Bombay Deying traded on Friday with a volume of over 27Lakhs(relatively High)%change-> +9%,Intraday High 382,intralow 335,closed 369.
If opening bullish on Monday ,it can rise upto 390,then may fall to 340 range.
If opening bearish ,buy at 335 level , easy return upto380.
Balramram Chini Before stock split,traded at660range.Stock split 10:1.
Allotment of share not still started.Close Friday 71.Buy at around 68 -69 range (if u can)hold for 15 days and see.If it reaches 80,then exit.
For long term (3-4mths)sure to reach 125 level.
MTNL--open at 115 on friday,low 114.high 121,close 120.
If monday Bearish,then positively buy at 115 level.Can expect 130 to 135 in 15 days.
Bharti Tele ---trades withen a range of 205-230.on friday open 209,jigh 218,low 205,close 216.Probably suitable for intra day.Even if predictions dont come true ,take for delivery ,wil get ur proce for getting out.
TISCO--open 403,high 411 low 399,close 409.A few days before in last mth ,it was trading at 440 range.Steel price will be increasing in April.
Can revive 430-440 by this mth if trned bullish.

Can anybody give me information on ViseshInfo?
This much fr today.
Best of luck to all of u---joy_mitali

you have mentioned the volumes traded in bombay dyeing stock. Can you please explain how volumes exactly impacts on the intraday trading?
Dear Traders,and respected all others,
Hope u all had a good trade in BombayDyeing.At around 12_15PM to !2-20PM it traded at day high at 387.Then as per my prediction yesterday, it came down and at arond 366.8.Possibly most of u have earned a lot by Shorting.May problay get up a bit more tomorrow and then may again may even go down ,and trade around 350 range.But problaly Bombay dyeing is not for tomorrow.

My Tomorrow's bet is Matrix Labs(ICICI-code is HEDRU).It ended up 13% high today at around 180 wit h a volume of about38 Lakh(relatively high),and has reached the March level , (day high 187)This sudden rise is problaly due to implememtation of VAT.IT was trading 145-155 range for sometime.Initially tomorrow there may be a bit rise or a bit fall,but my bet is it should be trading arond 200 to 210 this week(at mid feb it was trading at 220 level,IN jan at 270 level)

Another interesting stk maybe for tomorrow is Dabur Pharma.It has shown 6% up today (close 53.65.high--54.2) and has atained the levl in which it was consistingly trading at Feb-March.Today's euphoria may drag it pu to 60 level this week and then there will probably again a fall.

Look for ShaktiGAS(SRI SHAKTI LPG LTd)[for those who want to take a bit of risk
It ended at 6 from prev close of 5.6.I have traded a lot in it from 4.5 to 9 level.Probably now it will go upto 7.5 and then make aU turn.

Dear James ,I will write about significance of volume in ntraday in a day or 2(or maybe tomorrow even)Plz wait
Warm regards for all in Traji family---joy_mitali
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Dear Traderji and respected all others,
Today,the Bearish phase still continued--NIFTY closed at 2052.55(down Approx 11 points),testing 2050 to its brink.
Well ,as per my predictions ,Bombay Dyeing has come down to 350 range
(Open 364.8,high 373.05,Low 348.6,close 353.6)
Even in such a lack lustre market,Matrix Labs could still hold to its level,being marginally down ,closing at 179.23.A considerable performance,considering a 13% rise the previous day.(Volume traded--around18.7 lackhs)If the market turns a bit good,I am still sceptical about the 210 --215 mark withen this week

The trading pattern in Bharti Tele is somewhat becoming clear to me.Today interestingly it opened at 225,and then came down and traded in the band width of 213 --214.5 range for a long time ,before going to intraday low at 210,and then again finally bouncing back to 214-215 range,finally ending at 216.95,marginally up than yesterday.Tomorrow probably it will trade withen the range of 213 --220,unless something exceptional happens.

Todays outperformer was Sonata Software.After yesterdays sudden jump from 25-26 range to 29,today it jumped to 32.7(Intraday HIGH),before closing at 31.2with a volume of 1crore32 lakhs.Tomorrow my eye will be on SONATA,for intraday trading,withen a band width of 30.5 to 32.5.Tomorrow it may again be a outperformer,
but it would be very dangerous to hold the stock at this level.

Another stk u can watch for is JCTELE(JCT EECTRON)Close--9.85,high 10.15,low--9.45
It would be a very good catch at 9.5(do not be afraid even if it goes down to 8.5,worst case) and expect a level of 11.5 withen 15-20 days (maybe before)THis level is due for sometime.I have traded a lot in this stk ,so I am confident.
Another stk I will keep an watch is JB_Chemicals.From 450 level it has come down to 85 level.Not know much about it.
Watch for VISESH_INFO.MARKET gossip is it has a target of 50 .My assumption is it
will probably go to the level of 35.
That's for today.
wishes all of u a happy trading session tomorrow.---joy_mitali
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Hi Traderji and respected all others,
[POSTING ON 6_04_05 for tomorrows trading]
Today even though the market ended in a high bullish note(thanks for the last hour of trade) ,but the actual reality was a bit different. Good stks were completely Range bound,leaving out the last 20 minutes of trade.
MAtrix Labs is Gaining significantly(as per my prediction).day high193,close 184 level,It really may reach my specified target this week.
Bharti Tele was the most disappointing today.But as far I think it will bounce bach withen a week to the 320 range I specified above.
SonataSoftware also ended in a negative note(close 30.5)Must be consolidating after a huge rise.
REL INFRAS was the Excel performer(closed at 130.3)up 20%!!!!!
I hope tomorrow u will all check it out.
Welspun Gujrat fell by a hooping 4.4%(Close 38.7)Tomorrow if it falls a bit more(approx37),or stay even aroud todays level,thenvery good to buy and expect a easy level of 42-43 surely withen a very short time.
Of course hope u havent forgotBALRAMPUR CHINI Closed today at 67.5
Buy at 66.5 level,get out at 70 level and then again buy.
Not much for today
Best of luck for tomorrows trading----joy_mitali
Hi Traderjiand all respected seniors,
Today was one of those bearish days.Nifty is testing 2050 again and again(open 2069,high 2084.9.close 2052.The bearishnes became intense in the last 45min of trade.

REL INFAS closed at 150.65(High 156.4 ) up 14.74%(actually traded most of time at 152-154band width)with a volume of over 61 lakhs.Its appearing there is a predefined set target(ist 170,2nd 180,3rd 200;all my assumptions)when the Ambanis are produce the quarterly results in the middle of may.

Hopefully the smart people sold Balrumpur Chini at 70 level and bought it at 68 level(low 67.5,close 68)

Matrix Labs closed at 188.05 surviving the last half an hours onslaught.My prediction going right way.
Sonata software also survived the onslaught and closed at 30.55Hope it carries to a next target of 35 next week.
ICICIbank came down to 405.down 4.8%Check tomorrow if comes at 400 level then obviously a good buy ,expecting 420 withen a week
Nagarjuna Fertilizer closed at 13.9(open 14.35,high 14.5) A good buy for tomorrow if comes to 13.75 ,can expect a price of 15.5 to 16 withen 10 days.
Wishing u all a good trade tommorow---joy_mitali
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Dearest Traderji and all other respected members,

A week's trading has ended with NIFTY approximately losing more than30points[Mon--2063.4;Tues--2052.55;Wed--2069.3;Thurs--2052.85;Fri--2031.2]

A general discussion among the traders has been whether NIFTY would be able to sustain the2000 level or go below it.

The majority view is that it would go to 1995 level,where there would be some resistance,and if that is broken ,it can go to as low as 1950.
As such there are a lot of traders who have been buying NIFTY 2000 PUT.

And this is where I(personally) see a twister. Even though everybody tries to beat the market with the general trend,but the market has an uncannny nack of behaving the opposite way .

On 8th March 2005,(exactly one month back), NIFTY was 2168.95,
and everyone in the street was talking about the probable 2200 level,
when NIFTY made a U turn and now it is in its present form.

I forsee the Market to move sidewise this week(just intution--nothing else),with a little bullish trend.It will probably hobble around 2050-2060 level.

Before coming to my discussions related to my stock picks for the next week,I would like to put my views on a particular stock---DIVIS LAB on request from colpsrao(P.S.RAO)

On Friday DIVIS LABb opened at 1030.1level,high--1084.4,low--1014.9,
close 1054.3(down -2.07%) A good buy will be at 1000-1020 and better to get out of the stock at 1150(achievable),at which there will be some resistance.Beyond that ,1350 level may be possible,but I am not very sure in the short term.For long term perspective,one can obviously hold on and expect even 1500level.
For tomorrow,I would like to grab TATATELE at 26 ,(Friday close 26.9.down 3.24%)
expecting 30 level(7to 10 days),ICICI at Rs 400.(even at fridays close403.95)with an expectation of 420 level any time,any day and getting out of it.TISCO at 375 will be a very good pickwith an expectation of Rs 400withen a short time.
Matrix labs I still feel should reach 200, and REL infra should reach least 170 logically.
Hope,u all have a good trade tomorrow.

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