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Hi all,

It's been a while since I stopped trading for over 6 months due to personal reasons and will be looking forward to start getting back again by November. This thread is partly my trading diary , partly ideas and a place to receive advices and criticism on my trades. Sometimes I will also post some trading lessons I might have learned during my time as a trader. In a whole, it's a general purpose thread with the main motive of posting my trades and ideas once I start real time trading.

  • The markets I trade (listed priority wise) 1) Crude 2) Natural Gas 3) Copper 4) Zinc 5) Nickel 6) Lead
  • My risk percentage is mostly fixed 2% per trade but it is sometimes variable up to a max of 4% where I take double position if the market is really good which happens VERY rarely.
  • I don't have a secret strategy or a system to trade. I just follow price action , sometimes use MA, Bollinger Band (2.5D) with support and resistance lines on my chart.
My biggest problem has always been laziness to maintain a trading diary where I need to post trades which I hope will not be repeated this time.

Good luck all. Hope to communicate with you all in these threads.


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Trade idea- Possible Bullish Nickel trade.

It still hasn't given a complete signal to trade but this is something I am looking forward to. There's no way it will touch the top trendline or something like that because of the low volume today.

So I'm bullish on this until I get a signal to not be.


Wish you the very best bro.
I hope you will be able to maintain the discipline of keeping the regular trading diary.
I myself suffer from this same issue.

Best Regards


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Hi goldenedge,

I don't see volume on your chart. I think doesn't provide it.

Do you consider volume?

It's just a casual chart I posted from Means nothing.

Yes, I do take a look at volume but I don't use it as an indicator since I don't trust the volume shown to us.


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Trade 1 ) Zinc 1 short at 200.95

Stop loss at 201.4 . Expected profit is 200.4

So , reward: risk is almost 1:1

But something is putting off me on this trade. Somehow zinc is rejecting all tries to go down. Breakeven point is somewhere slightly higher than 1 pip which is where it is now.

At the same , I won't take a trade without automatically assuming it's a loss so I'll put my feelings away and work on the trade.


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I was talking to someone on phone and oh shit, it dropped like crazy in less than few minutes.

Couldn't even close it at .40 so i closed it at 200.20 and making 3750 ( approx 3400 net) in the lat few minutes.


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Trade 2) Scalping crude .

Bought at 4885 . Expected profit is 12 pips and loss is 10 pips.

The problem with this trade is that I might have chances to get locked out with casual noise because my pattern only fails after 15 pip loss. Anyways. I'm expecting the loss as usual for the trade.
I had a choice, either to book ten pip loss or increase the stop loss to a level based on my strategy. So I did increase stoploss to 15 pips, 4870 but also broke one of my rules of taking a trade with an incorrect risk reward ratio.

If this trade fails then I'll close my trading for the day because breaking my rules gives me unbearable pain than to lose money.

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