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After the recent incident/thread yesterday I have been conducting an investigation by going through the many posts and PMs sent/received by members over the last many years.

As we have been maintaining daily, weekly and monthly backups of our database since the inception of this site it was relatively easier for us to conduct this investigation as we had access to all communications, PM,s, posts, etc sent, received or posted by members since the inception of this forum.

Here is a brief summary of the initial findings which I can share with you!

Our initial findings into these PM's and posts show that many members have used the PM system to

  • Indirectly solicit business for commercial gains.

  • Use violent, discriminatory language to personally attack and threaten other members.

  • Abuse and fight with one other.

  • Hoodwink unsuspecting new members and many other undesirable acts...

What is surprising that the above have been conducted by new as well as unsuspecting old members. While I am not going to name names (to preserve the sanctity of the forum), I am sure the persons involved and other members would know or would come to know of it in course of time.

The other initial finding was that many egoistic members have used multiple IDs to boost their threads ratings and/or point of view. As ISPs now have to maintain records (for many years) of all their users I was able to verify and confirm this with the assistance of the local cyber crime fighting department. In fact some members have gone to the extent of creating anywhere from 6-12 member IDs to boost their own popularity. I suggest such members to abandon this practice immediately.

Based on my interim investigations I have decided to shut down the PM and member profile system totally. I will also not tolerate any direct or indirect advertising in the posts or threads. If you would like to advertise click on the Advertise With Us link at the bottom of the page.

If a member would like to report an offensive post attacking him/her, spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts, etc, you can do so by clicking on the exclamation button in a red triangle next to the post count on the upper right hand corner of the post box. For more info read the thread at If you have any other issues you can contact me directly by using the Contact Us link.

I would like to end this brief interim finding to inform all members here that was formed with a mission to bring together Indian stock & commodity traders and investors to discuss, share, exchange ideas and experiences (good & not so good) with each other in order to make informed, intelligent and profitable trading decisions. However if as a member, you plan to use this forum for any other purpose I would suggest you to STAY OUT!


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I have noticed that a certain banned member has reappeared to post under another alias. The member has been banned again and all posts deleted.

Also please note that this is a discussion forum. If you cannot conduct yourself to behave properly - by that I mean no rude posting, fighting, etc - I suggest you to leave. I will delete all such posts and ban the member no matter how old the member is, etc.

Again as a member if any other member in any way is posting rude, sarcastic, etc posts, etc you can bring it to my notice by following the instructions mentioned at

I do not want any member to indulge in public mud-slinging, etc. All members found doing so will be permanantly banned.

I also want all posts to be in relation to the thread under discussions. There should be no deviation from the topic under discussion. If you want to discuss another topic start a new thread.
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