Multiple harrasment


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A reasonably frequent investor should have plenty of harassment stories:-

We still have shares of Companies like Orkay, Mototorola,Pam Pharma were the management seems to have done a vanishing act like the new Ram Gopal Verma film "Gayab". They are not even quoted now.

Two-three years ago, we made a deposit in Morepen laboratories whose financial record was better till then. The company got into financial trouble after somebody died. As directed by the company law board, they pleaded that they would pay in percentages in the first,second, third year. They have not kept their promise and even after repeated reminders by Registerd Post, Faxes, UPC and even a chat with their managing director, there is no light at the end of the Tunnel. We have threatened legal action but that is like the remedy being worse than the disease. There is this saying," A fool always finds a bigger fool to admire him". Lawyers and courts can prove as cumbersome as the defaulting company. What does one do?

I have written elsewhere on this forum how we got back our money from ONGC after my brother-in-law went to their office 5 times in addition to numerous phone calls and correspondence from Delhi. Want to try Sebi?

It would not be out of place to mention here that some years ago when DDA was not giving poseession of our property, we collectivelly faught under the leadership of one of our co-alotees. Twenty of us would collectively gherao the DDA officials and it would naturally have the desired effect. We not only got the possession but under that person's leadership also got a tax annulment(it was wrongly charged)from court without the help of a lawyer.

This is what is possible when people unite.Everybody is aware of Strength in Unity. I would add organized unity. I am sure other members in this forum have similar stories.The advantage we now have is the internet and forums such as these where it is possible for different people in different areas with a common cause to get together. We can devise some kind of modus operandi on what to do collectively. Otherwise merely stating grievances is like wailing or breast beating. At the recent investor camp,prominent financial services provider, Mr Vallabh Bansali spoke on value investing. I wrote to him and it is to his credit that he replied. He replied that we are all victims of the system and he hoped to do something dramatic someday. This kind of attitude was justified in the pre-internet era but now at least an attempt can be made. At the camp, Chidambaram had to categorically express his helplessness in such matters when things got out of control.
It is said that the hand is the cutting edge of the mind. We have the cutting edge in internet in general and this forum in particular. . It is upto us how we use it-talent is more important than the tool. If we use the tool with imagination, then someday in the distant future the problems may gayab( disappear). Till then we can be "Main hoon Na" for one another. How's that?


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Hi sh50
As always you have raised a very vital point of interest to all concerned including investors.It is often said that Investor is owner of the company to the extent of the shares he owns. But does he have real say in the matters of the company. i think not even though voting rights are available. Investors are lured into investing in the companies where promoters are having fraudulent intentions. If you really analyse trading pattern on NSE/BSE you would notice that there are 80 percent of the total listed stocks which are either not quoted or traded infreqently. Investor's money if locked and nothing can be done about it.Except educating the investor. In such a situation forums like can certainly help. Probably members can write about past history of a promoter if he tries to float another company and list it on the exchanges.A list can be maintained to indicate bad apples.. Now as regards to existing investors the company Law board , the judiciary etc are all time consuming and may not yield desired fruit. If company is declared bankrupt the money is lost. Remember GTB.

You have rightly pointed out that there is strength in unity.All small investors can form a welfare society with membership open to investing public. They can contribute to it for financial support. It can take issues collectively as well as individual issues.Members can be helped in case of dire financial needs.

We can also persuade the Government to come out with aLegislation to protect the interest of minority shareholders. Members can discuss and float a proposal for reform and persuade with their respective MPs.

it is very important that Investment climate is stable and transparent. Economic development can not be achieved if the path is littered with agony of small investors.

congrates for raising this issue.



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Thanks for reciprocating, Pankaj. I really believe that mediums like Internet can bring disparate consumers together and fight confidently. We are lucky to be living in the internet age. CNBC has also started some program for harassed customers.

You have raised a very valid and threatening issue. We are in a bull market and there will be scores of Orkays and Motorola.

We do come across scrips being recommended indiscrimanately without anyone verifying about the antecedants of the Company.

Company with hardly any business find their shares being quoted quite high. Many make money from such scrips but let us all remember that at the end of the day there is one amongst us who is left holding these dud shares.

We have a big community of investors who are members of this forum and I am sure they belong to probably all corners of the country.

If we come across a company with doubtful fundamentals, I think, we should raise the issue in the forum requesting members residing in the area of the Registered Office of the Company to spare a few hours to visit the Company and get some information. Obviously, this is just a service and anyone who is offering such service will only be appreciated.

The service would be to save innocent investors like us from falling into pits. Every penny of our is hard earned and the shady promoter along with the equally if not more shady operator obviously does not deserve any sympathy - if at all they deserve, it is the contempt.

Traderji, why don't you insist the place of residence of members to be mentioned. Let me start with me, I am from Mumbai.

Bye for now

Sorry for continuing.

I have been requesting members from Chennai to visit the Office of Teledata to verify as to whether the earnings are true and as to whether they do have such huge business.
Deficiency in Service by INDIAINFOLINE SECURITIES PVT. LTD. Illegal trade done in Client A/c,Misuse of instructions

Please HELP me for a Problem of Deficiency/Fraudelent in Service.

I have been cheated/fraud done upon by INDIA INFOLINE SECURITIES PVT. LTD.& its working staff in Delhi.

SEBI Registration No.INB 231097537 & INF 231097537-NSE & INB 011097533-BSE.
A national level stock broking house,an its major co. is listed on national bourses too with the name of INDIAINFOLINE LTD.

Registered with an office address:-Bldg.24,1st Floor,Nirlon Complex,Goregaon(E) Western Express Highway,Mumbai-400063

I have been trading into stocks since March 2004 as an registered client of infoline securities pvt. ltd.)broking subsidiary in New Delhi.

My Trader Terminal Id with 5paisa.Com is MOHIGUPT.

On 13th April 2007,i had traded Short-Sell 867 Shares of Tech Mahindra @1452<avg.-Cash-Nse-Intraday>

During the mid-course of trading hours i covered 103Shares of TM leaving behind 764 Shares still in Short Position,

At that moment connection to my TRADING TERMINAL server got broken,due to some problems at IndiaInfoline end.

So,in order to Buy-Cover my left over short Shares i Called up my RM in indianfoline Mr.Parul-Gupta(Posted @Kirti Nagar-Delhi Branch),i sincerely told him to BUY-COVER 765 Shares of TECH MAHINDRA for me @ the MARKET PRICE.

**Within seconds over the phone he told me that my order has been covered.**

Surprising facts are:-

1)I got to know instead of buying required qty. of stocks he/(RM-Dealer) mistakenly OR Intentionally Short 765 [email protected] more taking my Toll of Shorted shares to 1529Shares(Amounting >Rs.22.5Lacs)and market closed thereof.

2)How can they trade that much amount on one side of trade(Sell/Buy) in my trading account,when my account don't have that much margin funds available or ineligible for the amount of trade executed.

3)Next day,when i saw my contract note for (13/04/2007),i was shocked to see my trading account freezed and its in SHORT of 1529 Tech Mahindra Shares.

3)Immidiately i called up my RM,Mr.Parul Gupta,he told me that yes he know what has happened & accept that this was done due to a fault by trading [email protected] office,and he will do whatever he can to rectify the problem(wrong/fraudlent trade executed).

4)On 15th April,My RM Mr.Parul Gupta told me that he has saved me from penalties of AUCTIONING OF SHARES(for mistake which i have never committed)& sounding like threatning me for no good cause.

5)Now My RM Mr.Parul Gupta(IndiaInfoline Securities Pvt.Ltd. Employye) is saying that he can't do anything.
Whatever has done can't be changed.
Now not even picking my repeated phone calls.
Now ,i don't have any other option out for saving myself from this severe unbearable loss of Rs.1,25,000(Approx.) caused by DEFICIENCY IN SERVICE OF INDIA INFOLINE SECURITIES PVT. LTD.
Also,this tends to bring a severe Toll on me in form of Mental Trauma ,Stress caused due to many unslept(highly depressed) days & night.
As,i am a young age man,Aged just 22+.

I am involved in several other acts like,i am studying MBA-Finance(DLP) from ICFAI Hyderabad.So,i am not able to work on any front,neither study nor work.

I have took Stock Market Trading as an career option for myself with my studies going on secondarily,
I opt out from regular MBA option just to pursue my most fascinated Technicals,Stocks,Number crunchers,charts,financial statements Balance sheets etc..

But,where would i move now?

But,now i am starnded in nowhere,as all my money is being vanished by aforesaid FRAUDLENT trade done on part of India Infoline Securities pvt. Ltd.
adding to my mental agony as i don't have
more capital to start afresh.(as suggested by Mr.Parul Gupta RM-Indiainfoline)
Its seems my career is RUINED mid-way.
I have no other way to look for help.

I would like to raise a case against INDIA INFOLINE SECURITIES PVT. LTD. in National Consumer Forum,New Delhi also for the unbearable mental agony caused,and fear created for loss of career ,livelihood & financial compensation.

These big private broking houses thinks that an common man can't sue them as they have all well prepared with big Lawyers etc.

Now,i am in such a depressed situation thinking what would i do,if i don't get justice.

Where would my most passionate(technical stock market trading)work moves from here?

Still i believe in esteem INDIAN LAW.


In hope of earliest consideration!!

Thanking you

With Regards

Mohit Gupta
Small Trader-Investor


Mobile:- +91-9811803656
Cell No:- +91-9313424339
Email:- [email protected]
[email protected]

You can Post your queries here too (Ministry of Company Affairs. Govt. of India site) :

Please click the category/ type, your grievance belongs to: form/lodge index.htm

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