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anyone using multimonitor for trading ? i need help , i need atleast 3 monitor setup now
I am using Multi Monitor setup
thing you need graphic card which support HDMI/DVI - Most of low end gpu has 1 x vga 1x HDMI 1 X DVI
and Monitor which has more input other than vga like HDMI/DVI
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do you use a stand for it ? can you share company name and where we can buy it?

also what is your computer configuration??

I have 3 monitor stand which I got from amazon at around 7k(I think it got import from USA that's why it's expensive)
My PC is i7 with 16gb ram and 1tb hard disk ( you don't need all this if just want to use for trading but I do some gaming also so i preferred little high end)
My graphic card had only option for 2 monitors to be attached so I got Plugable external video adapter 3900 from USA which cost me around 55$ ( I think you can get from Amazon or ibhejo) now I can have 4 monitor if needed.
Hope this helps

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Any samsung or lg monitor with vesa mount support?
Before buying check spec sheet of LCD/LED monitor it will mention Vesa 75/100/200 mount
Monitor have vesa 100 Support (Do check before buying coz most of Monitor does't have supoort for vesa,only few models has it)

Search in google for Innofitt Systems Pvt company based in mumbai,You will get good quality arm at much less price compare imported ones in amazon and other online

If in tight budget get some thing like this attach to wall this
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