Multi Baggers

hi all,
I will post some midcap stocks from now on regularly, which are going to be multi baggers with minimum time period of 1 year.These stocks are picked using technical analysis on weekly charts.I would love to have comments from different members of the forum ,especially from traderji.And i request all members to give fundamental information on these stocks which are picked by me.I am not publishing these picks in the forum to show you guys that i am smarter than you guys ,but to share our views with each other and improve our knowledge.I think this would help other memeber of this forum to improve their average returns on long term investment.

Stocks in buy mode.

1)Core healthcare
2)prime securities.

Traderji please comment on my picks to improve my knowledge.
uday :)
Thanks online trader
A wonderful effort which all other members like me would benefit and appreciate to.
Core healthcare- is up 10% today.But it shows a negative eps.(-39 for mar03).i think it is a cause of cancern in hte long run.
hi minukrishna,
I really dont know about the fundamentals of the company,because i have picked those stocks with the help of technical analysis,and i am sure other members will put some light on these stocks regarding its fundamentals.comments are welcome from experienced traders.And the health care sector is outperforming the broader market for the past few days,so some huge buying might be taking place in this stock.
Thanks for starting a good discussion. I think that even if fundamentally a particular stock is not strong enough, then also it will give profit but we can not bet money on it for a long time, as soon as we will get some profit, we should exit.
hi guys,
Buy vindhya telelink ,it could be a multibagger in the long run.enter when it corrects from current price.Can any one put some light on this scrip.

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