multi bagger - Guj carbon (Bse)

this company is presntly going very cheap @10.88 today UC. just buy and relax . All time high of 38/-. It is likely to cross Rs25 very soon. Small cap and associate of Philips carbon which is quoting at 250 and with a target of 25-30 very soon.
the big news is the company is disposig the whole of undertaking including immovable properties and movable assets. and the RPG group owns as 80 % of carbon black market in india. Phillips carbon is 275/- ( RPG ) They are the keen buyer or any AV Birla group is likely to bid for the company. and in future once the hands change you can imagine the long term prospects and bright future. just buy
Are there any indications or any news about this company. :)
the company at present is @ 12.42 and the big news is that the company in near future is likely to be sold and possible bidders may be phillips carbon who are pioneer in carbon black industry and enjoys over 80% market share or some other big group. the company has huge land in gujarat which also has good valuation. so just buy with unstoppable freezees.
dear all,
go on and check its all time highs... this company is very unpredictable.. in 1992 its high was rs 110(hundredd and ten) which became rs 1.50 in 1998 and again rs 37(which was mentioned) in 2005 and again rs 10 in 2006...............friends,no offenses.. but do youi still go with investin in this...???
Stocks like these should be treated like girlfriends with whom you have one night stands. Ride the tide and make money. When your work's done, get off and get out. These stocks are not ones that we hope to marry for years together.

Just my two cents.
multi bagger is a stock which u put in your handbag and forget

just kidding sona its means the stock has the ability to grow and multiply your money.


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