MRP and discounted Price of stock - does it work ?

Hello all,

Recently i came across a website, they provide customers ratings/details on stocks. (ie) they have a analysis data on

1. How stock has performed last 10yrs, rating per historic fact (Green-means good, orange-somewhat good, red- bad)
2. what is the future prospects, using technical/financial analysis parameters (color code rating as above)
3. MRP/DP of a stock - MRP is the intrinsic value of stock upto which we can buy, DP is the discount price which we can buy. For example a stock trading at Rs.120, may have MRP as Rs.100, DP as Rs.80. This means the stock is trading above its price and better to sell/ or wait, not to buy at current price...:)

Forum ppl - do u all have idea about such data, how reliable we can take such inputs or does following such pattern will really work on long-term investments?

Note - I not a day-trader but a medium to long-term investor, with self defined boundaries...:D (which stock to invest, at what profits to exit, at what loss % either average by buying more or to exit etc)


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This was a crude example of value investing. I cannot comment on the credibility of the website. I am a long term investor.

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