More Guessing games beginning with US elections


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Expert opinions say that this must be the most divided election in US history. No clear trend is emerging with Bush and Kerry at 254 and 252 respectively. Trends maybe more exciting and profitable in the market but here range seems to be more fascinating.

One clear trend that has emerged is that credits guessing game is popular. We could have had a real ball trying to guess who would be the next president. CNBC has been trying to hazard aneducated guess for the past week whether or not the US elections affect India. From their seesawing, I think it would affect India as much as Veerapans death would effect the US.

In the morning CNBC anchor Mini Menon was asked by Udyan Mukherjee who she thought would be the next President. Out came the ladies reply Oh if only Bill Clinton were contesting. I would be rooting for him . People say publicly that the former President set a bad precedent but I feel it was one heck of a trend(privately, most would agree). There are other ladies who say that they dont blame Monica for what she did. I reply that if I would have blamed Bill Clinton had he not done what he did with the kind of personality and position that he had. The only sad part was why choose Monica- if you can easily get a frontine stock, why(I leave the category to you) ?

Following our forums trend, some guessing games pertaining to India:-

Will India and America(the worlds largest and oldest democracies) ever become true friends in letter and spirit? The question that follows:-

Will India get a permanent seat in the security council. If so, by when and for how long?

Will China and India become superpowers in the 21st century? Who will surpass whom? Will they ever get over their population problems?

Will India and Pakistan start talking about stopping talks which have no point since neither of them are going to give up Kashmir.

It is said that commodities markets the world over are 8-10 times of what they are in India. Will it be true for India in the coming years?

Last but not the least

Will this forum have the privilege of another creditviolet who has shared so much useful info with all of us? Guess what his name would be? On second thoughts, what his age would be?
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