Monthly income

what % should be return on investment in monthly basis

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I expect 5-7% for the first time. Is this enough for a newbie?
Not bad if 5-7% but dont take much risk. If you grow between 15 -20% per month if smartly works then you see the magic of compounding. But many people in hurry take huge risk and doomed. Making money is not tough in this market if you do your homework properly and do planned trading.From Indian market I am not that happy but in International market if you trade dow, dax, gold, gbpjpy, eurousd, usdjpy like pairs you can make huge money but it will be very very risky if you dont have any idea or dont maintain proper leverage. you can rock if you become good trader. All the best.

Please dont try this formula.

If at all you are going for 4 lots which means = 75*4 = 300 qty

Now, you cant have any holy grail formula where you will always win. If for example, you lose 2-3 times first, you will lose 10k-11k in first 2-3 trades itself considering a SL of only 10 points. This is gonna make you nuts and also would reduce your margin, slowly your margin would become zero.

Please do not trade more than 2 lots/ lac for your safety and have a good 20 points SL if you wanna progress.

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