Minesweeper Game SHOCK


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Hi friends,
was just playing the old minesweeper game (am still using XP)as was very bored, and thought of randomly clicking on the squares to find out on which click do I hit the mine. Thought may be it would bring out some market profile sort of structure. Until 25 tries, i thought I was clever enough to have established the "range" between 2 and 11. Never hit mine on 1st and 9th click, once on 10th click, twice on 11th click and so on, as shown in the image. Stopped playing after this as on this try, I hit mine on the 27th click. Math guys would say that there is xyz probability of hitting the mine on so and so click, but never thought that after not having to click more than 11 times for 25 games, it would suddenly ask me to click 27 times. :eek:


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