Mid Cap-NSE & BSE

sgkalai said:

What does it mean Mid Cap? where can i get the list of Mid cap for NSE?

You may have heard the terms "small-cap," "mid-cap" or "large-cap" in your reading about stocks and the companies that issue them. This short tutorial will discuss segments of the stock market.


"Cap" is short for capitalization, which is the market value of a stock. Capitalization gives a picture of a stock's size. You can calculate a stock's capitalization by multiplying its market price by the number of its shares outstanding ("outstanding" means in the hands of the public). For example, if Stock A has a present value of Rs. 10 per share, and there are one million shares of it in the hands of public investors, then Stock A has a capitalization of Rs. 10 million.

Corporate stock is often grouped by the company's capitalization.


Mid-cap stocks are typically stocks of medium-sized companies. They still offer the growth potential with the stability of a larger company. Stocks of many well-known companies that have been in business for decades are mid-cap stocks. The average annual market capitalisation of a mid cap company, must range between Rs.75 crores and Rs.750 crores.

You can see the entire list of Mid Cap stocks as classified by NSE and included in the NSE CNX Midcap 200 Index at http://www.nseindia.com/content/indices/ind_cnx200list.htm

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