Metatrader for Indian equities, commodities and currency

There are many scattered threads regarding RT feed to Metatrader. Many of them are not useful to the everyday traders.

There are gifted coders in this forum who devote considerable time and energy to help people to trade using Amibroker or Metastock.

Those gifted people mostly overlooked advantages of Metatrader over other charting softwares, which is the free availability of reliable trading systems.

In this thread, I call upon those gifted people to deliver a reliable, transparent and affordable RT feed to Metatrader, for equities, commodities and currency.

Please remember that if the product is a good one, there wont be dearth of subscribers.


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Well I like and love the power of MT4. I never trade based on any other platforms except MT4. I expect very soon there will MT4 in india to trade indian equities or commodities...All the very best in opening this thread


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this is the clone s/w of, made with i saw 4 to 5 websites provided same s/w with their names. search in google you will find those.
winchart charged 500 per segment except commodity @ 800, but charged 500 per any segment.
these s/w's are same you can choose any one.

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