Metastock Training Videos

Hiya :)

A lot of people in this forum seem to favour MetaStock as opposed to other Trading Software like TradeStation and Omnitrader.

Here are a few links to some training videos for MetaStock Training I found on the web. These are direct download links to save you some searching time.. (not recommended for dialup users.. some files are huge)

The pundits will probably trash me for the elementary stuff.. but I remember being a newbie not so quite long ago.. (But help from a couple of guys from the forum got things up and running.. you know who you are don't ya ;) - simply the best!!! )

Here goes:

These are flash movies.. (a total 50 mb download)..



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No sensible person would trash you for anything elementary, my dear friend. The greatest management leaders and sportsmen have advocated "Back to the basics" philosophy when things are not going all right. In any field basics have to be built right and in that context, your post represents a paradigm shift.

Having reasonably good marketing expreience, I can vouch for the fact that Equis has made a mess of selling the original Metastock which should be sold like an Industrial product. For last six months I have been wondering whether or not I made the right decision. such a product deserves a good value added service which has not been provided. U can't leave it to the customer to learn by trial and error.

Yours is probably the one of the most valuable contributions:-

Saying condesendengly that this is elementary
Would be impulsive and therefore momentary
Only after profound thought there should be any commentary
One should never dismiss something that builds on the rudimentary
Anybody disagreeing would be indulging in behavior that is unparliamentary
Your post is fabulous; it is like a documentary
Training is needed; TA is not like gambling ie it is not a lottery
Continuity is also required like charging a battery
This is my heartfelt sentiment; I am not indulging in flattery
Others have used prose, I have only use poetry.
I only wish that on Equis too, I could say something similarly complimentary.

As far as losing business to Tradingstation,Omnitrader etc is given, I think they deserve it. I think you have provided better service with this post than nybody from Equis. Thanks a million. As for the so called "pundit"

In TA, it is extremely difficult to determine the real pundit
We would require a proper audit
Anybody who talks like that is talking like a bandit
Such things one would like to omit if not edit
We need more people like you and like credit(violet)
Its you people who deserve the plaudit

Remember that an expert is a person who will find the information if you pay for it not somebody who knows everything. Einstein and Socrates(world's greatest scientist-philosopher according to many) have both admitted to not having mastered that respective subjects and then ,our
subject is TA where every other day an indicator is introduced
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I am a recent member here and while checking out the forum, i came across your post on the videos. I just finished downloading the first and checking out the video. Couldnt resist to first thankyou for this wonderful gesture. Will have enough time to download the rest later. I really appreciate your spirit of sharing knowledge and information. Please keep up the good work and may God bless you.
Thanks for the video I have just downloaded the video I hope it will be useful and informative thanks again... xyte!
Can you please advise, which is the best software out of Amibroker/metasoft/fibotracker suitable for indian stocks?

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