[MetaStock]-[Tradestation]-[AmiBroker]-[Wealth Lab] Confused !!

:D Dear Friends. :D

[MetaStock]-[Tradestation]-[AmiBroker]-[Wealth Lab]

Am Confused . Needed a Charting Software for TA was going through the names of all the softwares and reviews, but i got many names and many reviews. Which one should i go for and Why ?

The Main Four Are Given Above !!

Please help with the Best !! :cool:

Its like Dulhan wohi jo piya man bhaye.
I have tried almost all but honestly speaking Amibroker is easy to use.
The key is the formulas and not the TA software which will help you in future.Its your comfort in the end which counts and yes the masterkey is in reading the charts,if you are a bull you will try to find a support and being a bear I try to find where is the resistance!All in all any chating software is good only thing is you must apply good formulas which generates correct signals.
Good luck. ;)


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Beginners like me can start with Amibroker.
its easy to import data from nse bhav copy and comes with excel like sheets of indicators. Good and easy way to start learning the basics.
:D Hai tanewbie :D

How Long you on Amibroker. I go through the charts posted by you thanks a lot. you have any other sites or any resource where every1 can get more on Amibroker other than the Main site.

There's a Yahoo Group : AmiBroker , Where theres a lot of resources and info on AmiBroker.

tanewbie u use Messenger Yahoo Please do add me if you can . Mines [email protected] :D

tanewbie once again thanks for the CHARTS. We more from you in days to come.

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You can join this group:http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Technical-Investor/. It is an Indian group and Prashant is very helpful in helping in the use of Amibroker. You can get help on Amibroker afl also there.

I find the best part of Amibroker is its tabs. Apart from that every software offers almost similar charting capabilities. Cost wise Amibroker is affordable at Rs.12000/-


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seems this thread is dead since years ... but i come up with same confusion, only bit modification.. which is best s/w for intra day trading ? ( for positional trading almost anything is good for me, use ami , fchart and ms ) ... i found wealth lab and trade station very interesting ( by reviews ) .. but are they worth for indian traders? as TS has a specialty in automate trades cuz it is linked with broker, but in india no use .... is worth while using it ? also which is a good data provider for intra day ? esignal or viratech ?


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I trade nifty so y ahoo is free and sufficient quote service for me. If you can afford esignal is a better choice. any trading software is good if you choose to use TA with basic indicators or without indicators. if you want to go to advanced custom indicators or prgramming etc. then choice may vary from person to person.

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