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Vandana84 said:
Hi achiever,
Did you get any response to the above request? I am looking for some help with Metastock too.
Hello Vandana

No , not a single reply so far , it seems they are'nt many programmers around for metastock , i am still looking well can i be of any help to you , i know little bit .




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I am from Delhi too and have metastock 9.0. Even if the programmer does not materialize, it would be better to meet and learn whatever we can from another. The people from Bangalore are already meeting and learning from one another so no reason why we should not.
hello all

let me introduce to you my new software which i have made to track share quotes and for online graphs from the data from nse get quote pages. the software updates the rates instentaneously from the get quote pages of nse but rates are generaly late by a minute from the actual trade happened at nse as nse get quote page is late by a minute. but it serves my purpose. secondly with my software i can open 20 different browser windows for online or historical graphs at nse which is highly advantgeoous as nse site has the ability to open just one graph page.

lastly with my software i see online graphs of selected companies(15 in no.) simulteneously, the graphs shows their increase which is geenrally in the range of 20 to -20 for all shares.

other geneeral stuff like managing portfolio etc is also available. infact it is software for nse site only if you want any coustomised software you can conteact me at my email address
i made the software for myself and thus is in beta version but if you like ito have it you can write me at [email protected]

and i am young and new in the stock trade please advice me on my shares which have appreciated by 30% in this bull run. my shares are tvtoday and tvs motor.


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I can help you. I am from MAdurai, If somebody needs a particular formula for indicator buider or system tester or explorer, you can write the conditions and I can email you.

I dont think its difficult to study these using the metastock help which is available with the software. Also there are lot of resourses in various website. You can also get the "formula Primer" from equis itself.

They have also given enough info in the hard copy that comes with the software

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