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Can someone please gimme some info on the Metastock software. As to how useful it is to the indian markets and what level of trading knowledge is required to use the software?

satya, i did go thru the posts and also the metastock site... but that did not give me a clear idea of what kind/level of trader would actualy be able to use such a s/w


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The metastock is a Technical analysis tool. So naturally the minimum TA knowledge is required to use this tool. Once you have the minimum TA knowledge this tool helps you to enhance your knowledge by studying various charts. Also it is not market specific and hence can be applied for Indian stocks also. It is one of the best in the genre of TA software. However it is quite costly by Indian standards. Equally good cheaper packages like Amibroker are also available.

Hope this info is useful. Feel free to ask if you need further info.



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